Our Mission


”Our country prides itself in being able to offer a first class education through its pre-university and post-university studies and in being the leader in scientific research.”

Swiss Learning was founded in 2006 by a group of Swiss boarding school owners. Our mission is to present secondary, university and professional establishments that can guarantee the Excellence of Swiss Education. We also work on maintaining the link between the alumni students and Switzerland.

From the beginning we received the support of the Swiss authorities. The Swiss Minister for Education at that time, Mr. Pascal Couchepin, was quoted as saying : “It is ideal and we support such an initiative since it will bring together the best Swiss 'actors' on the international scene. As well as Swiss boarding schools, this project allows our Swiss universities, polytechnic schools and the private schools to be better known and to stand out from the competition, by setting very strict criteria to participate in this project."

Christophe X. Clivaz