New Summer Programs

April 17th, 2018

LAS summer Language Program

LAS summer provides a home to students from countries all around the world. With such a large global reach, it comes as no surprise that many students come to Leysin with a keen interest in improving either their knowledge of English or the local language, French.
Beyond the sole practicality of classes, language lessons are also designed to help campers become more confident in their growing abilities. The classroom is first and foremost a safety zone, where students don’t need to be afraid of acquiring new vocabulary or asking for clarification. The more students practice in class, the more self-assured they become in their own abilities.For students participating in the LAS summer Language program, opportunities to broaden language skills abound both in and out of the classroom. Classes are divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced streams and maintain a focus on level-appropriate lessons. Students will learn functional grammar and communication skills which help them in their daily interactions with other campers and staff at LAS summer. Classes are structured to be fun and engaging, covering a variety of topics relevant to young adults, in which grammar and vocabulary lessons are integrated.

The second tier of learning takes place for students outside the classroom. Students can become more confident in expressing themselves verbally in a social setting over the course of a session, either talking with English-speaking campers and staff, or with French-speaking members of the Leysin community. This immersion in a community of native English and French speakers allows students to extend beyond their lessons and pick up more colloquial, conversational speech. As students embrace other aspects of Leysin life, such as afternoon clubs and ordering food at a restaurant, they can organically adopt vocabulary and phrases that may not have otherwise come up in the classroom. It is this daily interaction in combination with their classes that accelerates students’ learning.








LAS edge Program - Innovation, Compassion, & Responsibility


LAS summer provides a home to students from countries all around the world. With such a large global reach, it comes as no surprise that many students come to Leysin with a keen interest in improving either their knowledge of English or the local language, French.

The days are growing longer, and we’re getting more and more excited for the launch of our two brand new summer programs—LAS summer and LAS edge. These programs tap into the best of LAS’s geography and core values, keeping the tried and true aspects of camp that students have grown to know and love, while making adjustments based on the needs and ambitions of today’s youth. There’s been a lot of talk and enthusiasm surrounding our new programs. Perhaps you’ve even read some of the blog posts about LAS summer’s AcademicLanguage, and Sportscourses.

… But what is edge all about?

LAS edge is an intensive three week leadership program designed for students aged 13 and over. LAS aims to “develop innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world,” and it is these core values that are at the heart of edge. During Innovation Week, Compassion Week, and Responsibility Week, students will learn about each of these traits in depth through visits from keynote speakers, and day trips to well known organizations.

28061688_2051725198191009_8835209712209371234_o-1.jpgInnovation Week

Innovation week showcases new and innovative products and solutions debuting in our world today. The purpose of this week is to open our students’ eyes to new ways of thinking. Students will get the chance to hear from Didier Manzoni, CEO of APCO Technologies SA, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality mechanical and electromechanical equipment for the space and nuclear industries. Students will also visit locations like CERN to learn about cutting-edge science and the importance of international cooperation in conducting unprecedented research.





Compassion WeekGlobalMind.png

Compassion Week aims to provide students with a greater awareness and appreciation of current humanitarian issues and how these are currently being handled in Switzerland. Students will learn about diversity and human rights from Randall Zindler, former CEO of Medair, a disaster relief agency which helped to coordinate humanitarian efforts following the Asian tsunami in 2004. They will also visit locations including the United Nations Office in Geneva and the Red Cross Museum to discover more about humanitarian action and human rights.






Responsibility Week

Responsibility Week introduces students to notions of collective responsibility and self-awareness in everyday life. They will hear from speakers such as Jamie Andrew, a Scottish mountaineer and quadruple amputee, about responsible citizenship and activism. Students will also visit organizations including the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts to address concepts such as integrity and social responsibility.

With additional weekend trips and evening programs such as indoor skydiving, talent shows, mountain sports, and campfires mixed in, LAS edge provides students with a combination of fun and informative activities to increase self-awareness and confidence and become effective leaders. LAS edge meets students where they’re at and equips them with the skills they need to get where they’re going, whether they want to be the captain of the football team, founder of a charity, or the next president of student council.